off to the angels

1984A Western Front, off to the angels

NOTE: The audio files here have been ripped from the actual vinyl so you get to hear that magic sound of diamond scraping plastic. Don’t forget to flip the album from A to B.

OFF TO THE ANGELS was produced, engineered, and directed on four track by the palm. Except songs 1 and 4 engineered by Stuart Furusho*. L.S Sanders played mellotron on song 4 courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Sanders. Cover Photography by Pino, Joe, J.P. Nolan and Rick Cohen. Hair by Tom and Kathy. Cover design by Stove LTD. 

I’d like to throw some love on a few people: Earle and Helen, , Kevin McCaughey, Steve and Robyn, Ryan and Brendan, John and Paul, Tammy, Tom, Leta, the Glogavacs, the Cotas, Syd and God.

“Reality is a dangerous place to live.” — DAVE

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