.​.​.​Long Live The King (remastered)

1992A Western Front, Long Live the King

AWF is:
Tim Alexander – guitar, vocals
Dale Strachan – bass vocals
Dave Mayer – guitar, pedal steel
James Callahan – drums, vocals
Magic Jew
additional keyboards by spooner

  1. Message From Crissy
  2. To The Left
  3. Aloof
  4. Winchester
  5. Burn The Pop Star Down
  6. Pump The Lemon Barrel
  7. Sun Shines Down (For Daniel)
  8. Hair
NEWLY REMASTERED! It sounds even shinier!

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We’ve also broken the album apart for bite-sized candy goodness!.
This is …Long Live The King — That is The King Is Dead…!

King Candy likes his music “shiny, sweet, and so good to eat.”

The King is Dead, Long Live the King by A Western Front was the first album released by Quagmire in 1992. It marked the beginning of the new “in-sound”. This was not AWF’s first album, but it was their most twinkly to date, which accounts for something. Featuring the songs Heavens Ocean, Immanuel’s Mother, Burn the Pop Star Down, Pump The Lemon Barrel, and Hair, the album is a cornucopia of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other harvest foods. It’s pure power-pop. Listening to the King is Dead is like someone jamming lit sparklers into your speakers and you don’t give a shit… because it’s all part of the show!

“You gotta love a group that abandons precision in its quest for power.” – Guitar Player Magazine

“Quite the little corker!” – Alternative Press


releases November 22, 2019
released April 16, 1992
remastered November 2019

engineered by bab at AWF studios with assistance from the band
graphic art by stove, bab, and beach
photos by hooch, beach, and spooner
editing by weldon at sonic images
2019 Master by Patrick Haight
scans by glosby
all songs written by alexander/strachan (Timothy Harrison Alexander – BMI)

thanks to too many people


all rights reserved

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