Pourquoi Liquoi Sisz Boom Ba! – Deluxe Edition

2011Bab, Pourquoi Liquoi Sisz Boom Ba

  1. All The Days Bab 3:47
  2. Ergo Call Me Nitrous Bab 2:51
  3. Orgasmoron Bab 3:02
  4. Mary Bab 7:57
  5. Laughing Bab 3:00
  6. Dominoes Bab 4:01
  7. Maybe Dylan Will Protect Them Bab 0:29
  8. Summer Girl Bab 3:57
  9. Come Adore Bab 5:12
  10. Cole Bab 3:05
  11. Jen #3 Bab 2:27
  12. I Accidentally Closed My Eyes Bab 3:43
  13. Jackassm Mellowmix Bab 3:14
  14. Herringbone Bab 3:56
  15. Jesus Of Vaseline Bab 3:21

“I’m giving you something that you can understand…
and the Girls of Summer can all sing along.”

If you have not heard this, I suggest you do so.

This is Tim assembling the exact vision of where he was at this time. Much of it was written and recorded way before this compilation and many songs show up on previous compilations. For example the song you are now listening to, All The Days, was written soon after 9/11/2001 which Tim somehow foreshadowed. Thus the imagery. The songs screaming sirens and sense of urgency set over the drone foundation of eastern instrumentation is true un”stable genius”. BTW, Come Adore is a much more exacting telling of his 9/11 experience—A New Christ is Born.

My take on the individual songs:

  • All The Days — listen or die a lesser person…  Listen to a lesser version HERE.
  • Ergo Call Me Nitrous — Hard bluesish. Not my thing but maybe a good landing place for previous.
  • Orgasmoron — I dunno… maybe someone else can explain this.
  • Mary — A pseudo John Lennon post Beatles tune with an incredible jam starting with keyboard (unknown) and Tim coming in with a raging solo building into psychosis and the final chorus.
  • Laughing — I love this. Simple and very Syd Barrett. Just Tim and delayed acoustic guitar set to 1/3 beat just to give it that timeless retarded style of playing only Kevin and I could achieve naturally. This should have been on the final Train.
  • Dominoes — This is a great Big Star or Television style song. Incredible!!!
  • Maybe Dylan Will Protect Them — Yea.
  • Summer Girl — A fan favorite. This compilation needed this little break of sanity. This song represents Tim’s frustration with the lack of others to understand all his other music. “So… here is a song that took me 5 minutes to write that they can wallow in.” Fuck You Tim… It’s a great song!!!!  Listen to a different mix HERE.
  • Come Adore — A bookend to All The Days. This brings me to tears every time.
  • Cole — This is worth a listen all the way through. It has some great textural surprises.
  • Jen #3 — YEP!!! This is many a night I spent with Tim and Jen. This occurs and re-occurs on many albums.
  • I Accidentally Closed My Eyes — I have to admit I never got this far in this compilation.
  • Jackassm Mellowmix — Hard to make it through this one.
  • Herringbone — Tim’s answer to Beck?
  • Jesus Of Vaseline — Sometimes there’s a bit of space on either side of the bookends. That’s this. Tim, Jen and Colluzi on his balcony overlooking the Manhattan skyline 9/12ish.



  1. All The Days
  2. Ergo Call Me Nitrous
  3. Orgasmoron
  4. Mary
  5. Laughing
  6. Dominoes
  7. Maybe Dylan Will Protect Them
  8. Summer Girl
  9. Come Adore
  10. Cole
  11. Jen #3
  12. I Accidentally Closed My Eyes
  13. Jackassm Mellowmix
  14. Herringbone
  15. Jesus Of Vaseline

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