If you’re looking for a good time I’d advise you pass this one by.

This is what you play at a party if you want those meat-head party crashers to leave. The only person I actually sat and listened to this with was Dave Mayer who said… “you are so lucky”. Not sure what that means, but it’s the first and last time I ever got a pseudo positive reaction from it. We were saturated with Black Russians and well… it was Dave and I. 

This includes the water pipes at Respectable Street, Dave’s cat and Champagne bottles being demolished in the bathtub collected after a crazy New Years eve party leading into ’86. The cover art was my  4 year old niece standing in the aftermath of the party and will change the art if I ever come across the photos. 


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  1. Kevin McCaughey

    That’s totally normal

  2. Kevin McCaughey

    No need to publish this, Stove, but nice going. This is really cool. I’d forgotten about many of these tunes. They age pretty well. I guess I mean they sound just as wrong as they did thirty years ago.


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