The Basement Tapes — video

1990The Basement Tapes, The Slowest Train in the World

    • Bad Baby — Bad Baby
    • Closet, Little Sad Frowny Face — Song of Joy
    • Remindersville Ohio — Song of Joy
    • Oh Baby Yeah — Song of Joy
    • Vegas — Bad Baby
    • Mother — Song of Joy
    • The Cake Walk — Second
    • Waterlow (Mott the Hoople) — Second
    • Jeremiah in the Wind (cut) — First
    • Pitzhanger Lane — Song of Joy
    • Titanic — Bad Baby
    • Late Night (Syd Barrett) — First

This may be one of the most special times in my life. There was something about this show/gathering that had a sort of magic about it. I remember Tim coming by my work in Lyndon Plaza as I was trying to finish the booklet Mouse wrote, print it, staple it etc… literally hours before the show. Typical Stove in those days—same as the posters for the Bond-a-thons. I was just starting my relationship with Julie and really feeling part of the blob/cliche/thing that was Tim, Mouse, Venuti etc… You know what I’m talking about! 

I’m not going to break this out into songs, but you can see there on the right. I broke it into 3 parts because YouTube made me, and just like that night it worked out to just under 15 min. per video—a perfect gathering.

This sounds like shit from a production standpoint, but if you were there it will bring back that spark of whatever it was.

— Stove

[ Booklet Coming ]

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