It’s Ok, It’s Ok

1995  |  The Slowest Train in the World

This is the last time Mouse was willing to contribute to the Train and delivered in a big way to this one… however he decided to go falsetto-transgender in a lovely floral dress and auburn wig. I’m sure (s)he had a name and maybe Mouse can add more info…

Bab’s songs are surprisingly cheerful and listenable with Twenteen and Hope You Feel Better… only to sink into the depths of Electric Communion with Stilt man teetering somewhere in between.

However Mouse didn’t get the ‘make this listenable’ memo and delivered in true Train (transgender) fashion with Jackson’s Free, Pistol Pie, Tom is Gone, Selfish Song and Isle of Man. The big exception being a remix of Into Greens from Song of Joy along with Mother Russia which was completely redone—much cleaner and one of my favorites.


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