Blue Demo Tape (EQ’d)

1983A Western Front, Blue Demo Tape

  1. A Lot Like You A Western Front 3:09
  2. Tea With Me A Western Front 2:54
  3. Japan A Western Front 3:09
  4. I Guess I Just Get A Western Front 2:58
  5. I've Got A Lot To Do (incompete) A Western Front 3:00
  6. My Latest Flame A Western Front 4:45
  7. Oh Henry A Western Front 2:24
  8. A Finer Inch of Romance A Western Front 3:39
  9. The Heavenly Sleep Factory A Western Front 2:58
  10. Joan Of Arc-2 A Western Front 3:30

Classic 80’s AWF!!!

This has a lot of your old favorites on it. This is the stuff we all saw them play live. The tape used to digitized this had a bit of phasing and there is nothing I can do about that, but the remaster makes it very listenable and i think far better than the original cassette. It would be nice to remaster each song but I just trust in Tim’s original mix and find a nice setting for the entire batch. 


Although this album has been remastered (or EQ'd) to be more listenable, it does still suffer from some phasing issues via the original cassette tape it was digitized from.

HOW WAS THIS REMASTERED:  Tracks were brought into GarageBand on three separate tracks and each EQ'd to punch things up a bit as well as increase the overall volume. Each album required a different EQ but overall all songs on an album used the same EQ settings. Each song was saved out as a raw .aif file, brought into itunes as .aif where all the meta data was added and then the entire album was output as an .mp3 so the file is 3-5mb instead of 25-40mb.

  1. A Lot Like You
  2. Tea With Me
  3. Japan
  4. I Guess I Just Get
  5. I’ve Got A Lot To Do (incomplete)
  6. My Latest Flame
  7. Oh Henry
  8. A Finer Inch of Romance
  9. The Heavenly Sleep Factory
  10. Joan Of Arc-2

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