A Hard Days Night

1995A Hard Days Night, Dale Strachan, Friends

  1. Sad Gordon Dale Strachan 3:31
  2. Cheese Popcorn Dale Strachan 3:03
  3. Big Wheels Dale Strachan 2:56
  4. Rejection Dale Strachan 4:08
  5. Find A Man Dale Strachan 3:05
  6. How's The Weather There Dale Strachan 3:09
  7. She's The One Dale Strachan 3:21
  8. Stay There Dale Strachan 2:53
  9. I Can't Want That Dale Strachan 3:07
  10. Good Idea Dale Strachan 3:34
  11. Murray Dale Strachan 2:52
  12. Baby's In A Bad Way Dale Strachan 3:41
  13. Vanity Dale Strachan 3:57
  14. New Humilation Dale Strachan 4:15
  15. Drunk In My Backyard Dale Strachan 2:57
  16. Head Of A Pin Dale Strachan 3:02
  17. Ballad Of Pete's Lament Dale Strachan 3:03
  18. You Can Shout Dale Strachan 3:47
  19. Empty Head Dale Strachan 2:38
  20. The Waiter Dale Strachan 6:22
  21. All Things Must Pass Dale Strachan 3:54

Ignorance never settles a question.

“Dale Wanted to be heard. Through his music he expresses everything from pain and hatred to pain and nausea and it is beautiful. Very rarely did he write about hope or happiness but each song had such heartfelt sentiment that it is hard to seperate the pain from the act of creativity.

All his life he wanted to write songs, not only for other people but for himself, if only that had been enough to clear his head of all the things that hurt him. When Dale created a song he struggled to condense a huge amount of feeling into three or four minutes, it consumed his life. The act of writing did not come easily for him.

You need to do more than listen if you want to know what is hurting someone. You need to see them and feel them and hear them. Through Dale’s art we see a world that is not perfect, but he expresses the truth beautifully.”

— Gwen

  1. Sad Gordon
  2. Cheese Popcorn
  3. Big Wheels
  4. Rejection
  5. Find A Man
  6. How’s The Weather There
  7. She’s The One
  8. Stay There
  9. I Can’t Want That
  10. Good Idea
  11. Murray
  12. Baby’s In A Bad Way
  13. Vanity
  14. New Humiliation
  15. Drunk In My Backyard
  16. Head Of A Pin
  17. Ballad Of Pete’s Lament
  18. You Can Shout
  19. Empty Head
  20. The Waiter
  21. All Things Must Pass

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