2000  |  Sugar Rush

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Sugar’s good…

Band members/players:

  • Babs (Tim Alexander)
  • Spiritus (Chris Cayton)
  • Gow (Geoffrey Folkerth)
  • Star Child (Annie Jonasson) 


In 2006 Tim and I where looking at creating a tool around being able to make an Audio/Visual Mashup experience called iMashIt. (Not by accident: Im A Shit!) The tool would save all visual assets in our cloud and offer many for free use but the Audio would come from an verified audio service or local iTunes avoiding copyright problems. Also we would have an audio mixer with much of Tim's songs with individual tracks to remix or use on personal projects. Click on Commentary to hear from Tim and Annie.

Off to the right you can see an example we were shopping to Yahoo and other VC's. Flash was the tech. so you have to "Allow".

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