Over You

2010Over You, The Sweet Life

Buckle up and meet Dilbert and his crown of thorns. It doesn’t feel good does it? You hear that? 

This is not to slick for college radio. It’s chock full of distorted guitar, disjointed overlayed vocals, melodies that rarely go where you expect, dark self deprecating lyrics and the ominous feeling that our friend Tim was on a sinking ship.  This seems to be more a collection of songs which fell off the wagon of some other project and picked up later in a sort of Island of Misfit Toys. The production is utterly different on each song and some songs appear to be a sleepless nights rough-cut. 

If anyone knows who exactly played on this collection please let me know—although I created the cover for the album I never got to the back cover with all the credits. 

Good luck with this. There’s some genius if you can stay on the ride that long.

— Stove

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