Christmas (EQ’d)

1982A Western Front, Christmas (remastered)

  1. I Am Your Son Bab 2:29
  2. Face You Too Bab 2:33
  3. Home Bab 2:23
  4. American Prayer Bab 2:57
  5. Forever Dear Bab 3:18
  6. The Soul Of Neptune Bab 3:16
  7. Christmas Song Bab 4:41
  8. 5 to 15 Bab 3:15
  9. Here in My Room Bab 0:34

I remastered this via garageband.  Basically I overlapped the cassette version several times and brought out various tones to what I thought sounded good. It ain’t perfect but it’s now very listenable.

This was a cassette tape I always enjoyed listening to and haven’t heard in 20 years or more. It reminds me of the Gianini house with Gram, Earl and Helen sitting at the dinner table and Helen telling me what a bad son I am because I haven’t called my mother in more than a month.  The production is beautifully lo-fi and songs that don’t try to be anything more than what they are.

This is a quirky little collection that includes a song by Bilbi — 5 to 15.

As to WHO: is on this… I took a stab. Feedback is welcome.

— Stove


Although this album has been remastered (or EQ'd) to be more listenable, it does still suffer from some phasing issues via the original cassette tape it was digitized from.

HOW WAS THIS REMASTERED:  Tracks were brought into GarageBand on three separate tracks and each EQ'd to punch things up a bit as well as increase the overall volume. Each album required a different EQ but overall all songs on an album used the same EQ settings. Each song was saved out as a raw .aif file, brought into itunes as .aif where all the meta data was added and then the entire album was output as an .mp3 so the file is 3-5mb instead of 25-40mb.

  1. I Am Your Son
  2. Face You Too
  3. Home
  4. American Prayer
  5. Forever Dear
  6. The Soul Of Neptune
  7. Christmas Song
  8. 5 to 15
  9. Here in My Room

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