A double cassette release with 26 songs and a multitude of friendly-friends contributions including two sabotaged songs by J-9, a couple songs by Nig, one by Nig’s pop and a song via Bilby. Slip on your long feminine shoes and dance to the joy, misery and absurdity of this collection.

This album was produced at my house in Campbell which I had just moved into, but was away on a ski trip for a week, only to come home to a finished product.

If you don’t have the patience for the entire album, may I suggest:

  1. Mother Russia — A later release of this is cleaner, but I always loved it
  2. Strange — Dave’s pedal-steel makes this.
  3. One of Those Days — J-9 song—in her androgynous years.  My favorite on the album. I want this played at my funeral!!!
  4. Into Greens — Inspired by Kevin on a boat in Fiji and a desire to rescue sea turtles flopping upside down on the deck.
  5. With Your Care — Just makes me feel good.

Live in the basement — VIDEO

The first of four Train live performances seen through the lense of Glousby. This will mean little to anyone who was not in attendance. Enjoyed by a cast of dozens in the smoke filled, coffee perfumed basement of the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co.

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