A double cassette release with 26 songs and a multitude of friendly-friends contributions including two sabotaged songs by J-9, a couple songs by Nig, one by Nig’s pop and a song via Bilby. Slip on your long feminine shoes and dance to the joy, misery and absurdity of this collection.

This is a nice respite from whatever stylings I (Stove) adds to the Train with a half dozen songs at best. Maybe that’s what I like so much about this compilation. This album was produced at my house in Campbell which I had just moved into, but was away on a ski trip for a week, only to come home to a finished product which was plenty fucked up without my contribution.

It’s nearly impossible to listen through the entire album, but may I recommend:

  1. Mother Russia — A later release of this is cleaner, but I always loved it
  2. Strange — Dave’s pedal-steel makes this.
  3. One of Those Days — J-9 song—in her androgynous years.  My favorite on the album. I want this played at my funeral!!!
  4. Into Greens — Inspired by Kevin on a boat in Fiji and a desire to rescue sea turtles flopping upside down on the deck.
  5. With Your Care — Just makes me feel good.

Live in the basement — VIDEO

The first of four Train live performances seen through the lense of Glousby. This will mean little to anyone who was not in attendance. Enjoyed by a cast of dozens in the smoke filled, coffee perfumed basement of the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co.

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  1. Beach

    I always wondered who sang One of those Days. I love that song so much!
    Even more now that I know it’s J9.

  2. Beach

    Also those videos of the basement show. I don’t think I was invited. Or I don’t know if I was there. But this seems to exemplify that whole scene then. Make amazing music and deliver creative performances, but only do it for a bunch of friends. San Jose/Los Gatos/Campbell… this shouldn’t be there. Never knew why y’all didn’t move to SF or Seattle or NYC or Portland for that matter. There was an audience for this there. But maybe that didn’t matter. Maybe it was just about playing in a basement under a hair salon in front of friends. And that’s all. It was home.


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