A Western Front

Full Blown Dave

A Western Front’s loudest release, featuring Full Blown Sound (R), was largely inspired by the 18th century poem of the same name. The poem has been attributed to Sir Thomas Rampling Cluxton, who founded a utopian colony on the Greek island of Bathos in 1793.

Waiting for Wesley

Here’s Your Chance…
Add some sort of interesting introduction text here.

Still Leaving

The collection was remixed and remastered from the original DAT thanks to Wesley. 
As I go through the Tim library I find this to be one of the most solid collection of songs—even though Dale is not on it.


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Cabaret Live 1984

Headlining the world famous Cabaret venue in nowhere town San Jose in 1984.

Come on Johnny / Making Rumors — 45 Single

By popular request… the first vinyl ever produced by Tim. A distinct turning point in sound and style from the uncategorizable music AWF was creating in the years previous. Not by accident, a much more traditional sound and song structure… verging on POP.  

Live at Hotel St. Claire

There is nothing like the early years of AWF. The only remaining remnants of the music is live versions—and Robert is the last remaining live member. I’m not even sure how to categorize most of the early stuff. I always wanted Tim to go back and record these songs in the studio. For those of you in attendance at these early shows, this will be a thrilling walk down memory pain.

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