The Slowest Train in the World

It’s OK, It’s OK

This is the last time Mouse was willing to contribute to the Train and delivered in a big way to this one… however he decided to go falsetto-transgender in a lovely floral dress and auburn wig. I’m sure (s)he had a name and maybe Mouse can add more info…

Live Video @ SJSU — MBONE

The Slowest Train in the World live at San Jose State University | 1994 | Broadcast live to the MBONE — Tim Alexander, Kevin McCaughey, James Calahan, Mike Frengel, Annie Jonasson, Mark Spooner, Mark Stover, Jon Luini, David Beach, San Jose State University, Friendly Friends, MBONE

The Dance of Antoine

My personal favorite. I loved this when we recorded it, but more important—I love it even more now that it (I) have matured. I think this is the most cohesive album the Train has ever released in that it is a complete journey.


Is there a chance we’d stoop so lo? This is the first TSTITW compilation to ever reach CD. This features more Mouse songs than Bab but from a time perspective Bab wins with the epic “The Motown Proverbs” at a whopping 26.1min. A Tribute to Father Earl in the stylings of Joni Mitchell’s Paprika Plains.

The Basement Tapes — video

Join our gathering in the under-world below the hair studio next to the Los Gatos Roasting Co. in Los Gatos—1990. Like everything else that has ever happened (ever)… this is history in the making. If you were part of that history this just might mean something to you. Otherwise… Good luck!

The Sound of Jesus

If you ever wondered what the sound of Jesus sounds like… here it is!!! I suppose we all have our own inner soundtrack but it seems fair to assume this is what Jesus was singing to Tim in 1989—sometimes via Kevin. I’m just the color guy talking over the play-by-play announcers, and frankly prefers the sound of silence.

Song of Joy

A double cassette release with 26 songs and a multitude of friendly-friends contributions including two sabotaged songs by J-9, a song by Nig, one by Nig’s pop and a song via Bilby. Put on your log feminine shoes and dance to the joy, misery and absurdity of this collection.

Bad Baby

This is what you play at a party if you want those meat-head party crashers to leave. The only person I actually sat and listened to this with was Dave Mayer who said… “you are so lucky”. Not sure what that means, but it’s the first and last time I ever got a pseudo positive reaction from it. We were saturated with Black Russians and well… it was Dave and I. 


This brings back memories of my bedroom @ Jan Way in the summer of 1983 with Kevin in his underwear, Tim’s 4 Track on a chair and Kevin and I playing together through a heavily reverb’d guitar amp to Mirror

Live MBone Concert at San Jose State — 1998

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